4 Ways to Get Started Marketing Your Indie Game

PAX South allowed us all to see the gaming industry from a number of levels – from the AAA production companies all the way to the moonlighting programmers who are trying to make a dream come true. It was truly great to see Microsoft open an area for a select few of Texas’ finest programmers to show off their indie games, but there are still so many small startup gaming companies who don’t have that kind of opportunity who are trying to get their games seen by the gaming community.

As I had mentioned in my last blog post, many of these companies obviously want their projects to be hyped up for purchase, but not many people know how…or know of the tools (like Facebook, Twitter, etc…) but don’t know how to use them…or have the time to use them properly. Below is a few starter tips for the brand new designer or new game company who have big dreams, fun games but little idea on how to get visibility on their projects. Continue reading


Heading to PAX South this weekend!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note – I’ve been a little radio silent as we prepare to head to PAX South to represent Heroic Games and their project Heroes Must Die.

We’ve got a lot of content to work on, as well as marketing the project – the world’s first transmedia Video Game – Theatre production! Play the game and your ending affects the story of the theatre production that you can see later this year! It’s a bold and imaginative step forward in an industry that has stagnated lately, primarily with AAA video game companies saturating the video game market with first-person shooters.

I invite you to head over to Heroic Games’ website and check them out! In the meantime, if you’re going to be at PAX South and see me, come over and say Hi!