Network of Masks

Project “Heroes Must Die” : The Network of Masks – Thieves Guild of Gothic City

“Novus Ordum Mundi…or something…no wait, that’s right…” — Network of Masks Motto

Who are the Network of Masks?

An organization of ambitious but mostly bungling brigands, the Network of Masks are the flashy and theatrical resistance fighters with barely a clue. These citizens of Gothic City have decided that the only way for their community to truly prosper within the Empire is to control its own without interference, so they have taken it upon themselves to conduct underground activities to help the less fortunate prosper, steal from the rich, and combat Legion’s most ruthless members…unfortunately they have no idea on how to do any of it.

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Promise, Swordbreaker Master – One of the Most Dangerous Women in the World

Swordbreaker Master and Teacher

Former Sword-for-Hire

Gender: Female

Hair color: Auburn w/White streaks

Eye color: Black

Favorite color: Green

Favorite Swordbreak Maneuver: Doomsday Flash

Most Kills in One Attack: @%ERROR#&~?

Favorite Weapon: Swordbreaker Broadsword

“War” – 1st Lieutenant of Lord Murder

Heroes Must Die - War

War – 1st Lieutenant of Lord Murder

1st Lieutenant of Lord Murder

Military Commander of Legion

Gender: Female

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Favorite color: Probably Black

Favorite Sword Size: Large

# Broken bones given to suitors: 47

Confirmed Kills: More than you

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