Services Offered

We offer creative marketing engagement for small and medium sized entertainment and gaming companies, companies who are busy looking into growing their business but haven’t enough time to consistently make emerging markets aware of what’s happening in their world.

Think about this for a moment, you’re one of the creative minds behind a new mobile game and you need to get the word out on how awesome it is…then you realize the number of hours needed to put in to creating a coherent message about the upcoming project, figure out which media channels to go to, build a fanbase, engage with said fanbase while looking for new fans and opportunities, to constantly come up with new and exciting content after the game launches to keep your fans interested…when are you going to have time to work on your project when you’re busy posting on Facebook, chatting on Twitter, uploading a video on Youtube, etc…? It gets to be a lot of work. That’s where we come in.

Whether it’s online, offline, on your desktop or in your hands – engaging content is equal parts efficiency, ingenuity and spirit. With proper planning and execution, you can elicit any type of response you want from your audience. Below are the types of jobs we offer smaller companies wanting to compete in the marketplace – and we’ve done it all for some of the biggest licenses in the world.

If you’re interested and want to talk, feel free to drop us a line!

Manuscript and Online Writing Services –

  • Blog, short story
  • Creative writing, technical writing/manuals
  • Manuscript editing
  • Video game dialogue
  • Online video and podcast scriptwriting
    • Speech coaching also available upon request
  • Scriptwriting (Video Game, Online Video, Short Film, etc…)
    • Outline and treatment of each scene.
    • Up to three(3) major edits to the project, even complete start overs.
    • Online collaboration and consistent updates.

Content Marketing Consultation and Planning – 

  • Consultation and set up of content marketing communication plan including;
    • Target market focus, marketing content focus and explanation of use (FB, Twitter, WordPress, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, etc…how to use them and which are best for you), Target keywords for use with organic SEO and PPC , 1st month
    • content calendar setup.

Online/Offline Video Production –

  • From pre-to-post production, we’ll advise and perform (if necessary) everything that needs to be done for a professional video that you can use for any medium.
    • Professional documentary-style marketing videos
    • Full stop-motion animation videos
  • Want to run a Google Hangout? Let us help!

Online Marketing Management –

  • SEO Evaluation and Reparation, PPC management for companies with marketing budgets.
  • All Social Channel Management jobs are negotiable based on the size and scope of your Social Media Plan, this can include;
    • Social Media Account set up (Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, etc…)
    • Content Curation
    • Single Social Media Channel Posting (daily, weekly, etc…) – Per Post Charge
    • Full Social Media Channel Management – Per Hour Charge
      • “In Office” hours (typically 9-5) and “Out of Office” hours (if posts and replies are needed outside 9-5).

Do you have another need that you don’t see here? Send an email and let’s talk about what can be done for you!


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