Hey Guys, Patrick is Also a Tutor!

English (Grade 7 and up), Classics, History (Grade 7 and up), Religious Studies/Theology, World History, Study Skills, Writing, Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, Technical Writing, Communications, Communication Theory, Cultural Theory, and Philosophy tutor I’m now available to tutor in the following subjects: English (Grade 7 and up), Classics, History (Grade 7 and up), Religious Studies/Theology, World History, Study Skills, Writing, Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, Technical Writing, Communications, Communication Theory, Cultural Theory, and Philosophy! To see my availability, rates, experience, and student reviews please take a second to check out my tutor profile.

“The Rush Job” – 3 Quick Steps to Creating an Effective Corporate Message

Good afternoon everybody!

I’m taking a poll of sorts – have any of you ever been asked any of these questions?

“What’s taking so long?”

“They’re only words…”

“That’s too much.”

“That’s too little.”

“Why don’t you get this?”

If your answer is “Yes”, chances are you write for a living…and I’m not talking to you fancy-dancy storytellers who write books for people to read, I’m talking creating and communicating messages for the corporate/private sector. Internal and external communications, online and offline copywriting, digital media content (including social media) and anything else you can think of – it all comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is usually a content writer / copywriter / (insert writing job here). Continue reading

The Alternate Reality Game – Three Qualities that make a Good Puppetmaster

Hello friends!

Sorry for the hiatus, I was very sick for a little while, but I’m back and ready to continue our conversations.

I thought I’d start this entry as the beginning of a set of blogs centered around the idea of the ARG – Alternate Reality Games. I not only studied them with great detail in university, but am also a fan of their multiple uses in entertainment and marketing. While I’ve taken part in a few of these games, from simple messageboard communication to outright massive campaigns like Campfire’s True Blood, there is one role that has always particularly interested me – The Puppetmaster.

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“Did You Know This Was Done on Purpose?” – 4 Methods of Dark Marketing

I don’t know what it is about dark marketing / covert advertising that interests me so much, but I can begin to try and explain it. I think it has to do with the fact that this kind of marketing has nothing to do with a direct ad campaign – when you’re watching TV and see an ad with a Big Mac at a McDonald’s, you know you’re watching a McDonald’s ad. But to market a brand, product or service to a consumer without the viewer actually realizing that they’re being subjected to marketing, takes some clever work by the advertisers.

The 4 Methods of Dark Marketing Continue reading

Thank you everyone who has visited Spartan Creative already!

Well, isn’t this a bit of a treat.

I remember back in the day (which will severely date me, but whatever) when writing a blog was considered pretentious and getting people to read it was a nearly monumental task – after all, there were newspapers and the news to get whatever information you wanted.

Skip ahead to today, and here I was just setting up my blog site for a soft launch of Spartan Creative, just migrating some content posts from my current client Heroes Must Die to show what I’ve helped done for online awareness, and I’m already getting followers and people visiting my posts. I wasn’t even finished editing them, connecting links, or anything.

Yes, it’s years later and the Internet is a different place. We now have blogs as legit web content, and sites like WordPress who push content to users so that there’s always something new to read and comment on. It was really fun to see people reading the posts and “liking” and “commenting” on them before I was even finished on them.

For that, I say thank you to all.

I’d like to explain a little bit what you’ll find here in the blog section of Spartan Creative – it’s not going to be all business and internet marketing and “5 tips on how to win on the Internet” because let’s be honest, there’s a ton of people who do that already. Instead I’m going to list the 4 topics that I’ll be covering in this blog at one point or another, as I try to update this daily.

4 Topics to be Covered by Spartan Creative:

1.) Online Content and Work

Yes, you’re going to learn about my current work through migrated posts from parties that have agreed to let me take my work and also post it here. If not, you’ll see a link to it on the site that’s displaying it. So you’ll get to see online content like creative blog posts, social media links, profiles of who current clients are, digital web content like videos and animation – whatever pops up from the work desk. I want to be able to show you what Spartan Creative can do, from the shortest blog post to the biggest production. If any of it interests you and you wish to talk about it more, please give me any feedback you wish to offer!

I’ll also share some marketing theories and tips that have worked for me in the past. For instance, I used to teach about multi-channel marketing and dark marketing strategies online – once in a while I may talk about this topic in detail. A good example of that would be my recent post on Transmedia 101, which I absolutely love marketing a brand in this multi-channel way.

Finally, if you happen to know of someone who might to hire Spartan Creative, please give them a link or let me know!

2.) My Life

Yes, you will be able to peek into the life of your friendly neighborhood blogger – Patrick – and you can find me on Twitter @Pat_M514. Feel free to follow me!

A little about me:

  • I’m over thirty…you can guess by how much based on my cultural jokes and dated puns.
  • My hobbies include video games, tabletop games, creative writing, and weight training.
    • I often refer myself jokingly as a “gock” or “jeek”…equal parts jock and geek.
  • I have worked on content for Halo, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty – yes, the video game franchises.
    • Yes, some of this work was pretty awesome, but other stuff was just simple textual work.
  • Star Wars is my life, and I credit it for helping me develop the imagination I have by letting me dream as a child.
    • I also currently have a Sith tattoo sleeve on my left arm that’s growing.
      • People who don’t know Star Wars have no idea and just think they’re cool tattoos.
  • I love sports. I played many of them as a child, and follow Football, Hockey and Baseball religiously.
    • I’m currently in a football pool…unfortunately my team isn’t doing so well this year…
  • I hope to one day work in tabletop gaming in some capacity, Dungeons & Dragons was another creative outlet that I credit for helping me develop my imagination to make epic sh!t.
    • Thinking about getting a Cyric tattoo because skulls and sunbursts together are awesome.

I’ll post up some more stuff later, but if you have any questions – ask away!

3.) Exercise and Nutrition

This is partially where the idea for the name of “Spartan Creative” came up – I train diligently 5-6 times a week in the gym. Health, exercise and nutrition are all huge parts of my life, and while I’ve gone through parts of my life where I’ve had to stop or slow down due to whatever reason, I always eventually come back to it.

There’s a good reason for this, something that I’ll come back to in a new post.

I’m not going to push this lifestyle onto anyone, I’m not going to tell you that you “should” be doing anything, so don’t worry. Sometimes I’ll post my workout and what I’m trying to achieve, sometimes a recipe that might be made better healthwise with a few changes…but I’m not selling anything when it comes to this topic. I do this for myself, not for monetary gain. We’re all different, and if you’re happy with who you are, that’s what truly matters.

But if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them when I post something.

4.) Creative Writing and Theory

Amongst other things, I personally love talking Communication and Cultural theories. It was something that stuck to me from my time in university – The Frankfurt School, Foucault, Althussier, Marx, Nietzsche – and sometimes I’ll bring up a thought or two. I don’t get to talk about it much with my friends, I’m the only pure Communication student among them, but love to debate ideas and ideology.

So that’s about it for now, I hope to see and hear from a lot more of you in the future!

Ciao for now!

Promise, Swordbreaker Master – One of the Most Dangerous Women in the World

Swordbreaker Master and Teacher

Former Sword-for-Hire

Gender: Female

Hair color: Auburn w/White streaks

Eye color: Black

Favorite color: Green

Favorite Swordbreak Maneuver: Doomsday Flash

Most Kills in One Attack: @%ERROR#&~?

Favorite Weapon: Swordbreaker Broadsword

Love and Romance – A Review of Stereotypes and Function

Right?…Anyone?…hmm, tough crowd…

Typically a huge part of most RPGs and Theatre centers on the idea of Love.  It can take many forms – be it metaphor, a tool for change, to give meaning…it goes on and on. It can be simple, it can be complex, it can be beautiful, it can be tragic…it can even be ugly as all hell.

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