Network of Masks

Project “Heroes Must Die” : The Network of Masks – Thieves Guild of Gothic City

“Novus Ordum Mundi…or something…no wait, that’s right…” — Network of Masks Motto

Who are the Network of Masks?

An organization of ambitious but mostly bungling brigands, the Network of Masks are the flashy and theatrical resistance fighters with barely a clue. These citizens of Gothic City have decided that the only way for their community to truly prosper within the Empire is to control its own without interference, so they have taken it upon themselves to conduct underground activities to help the less fortunate prosper, steal from the rich, and combat Legion’s most ruthless members…unfortunately they have no idea on how to do any of it.

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Heroic Games + Heroes Must Die – The World’s First Video Game/Theatre Transmedia Project!

Founded in 2014, Heroic Games was created to organize and oversee the production of Heroes Must Die, a transmedia project combining video games and theatre. The founder, Rick Stemm, is a professional game designer, playwright, and instructional designer with a specialization in educational games and interactive media. Heroic Games will continue to produce multimedia for entertainment and education.

Heroes Must Die is Heroic Games’ first video game/theatre transmedia project, and receiver of a 2015 Grant from the Department of Cultural and Creative Development from the city of San Antonio, Continue reading

Heading to PAX South this weekend!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note – I’ve been a little radio silent as we prepare to head to PAX South to represent Heroic Games and their project Heroes Must Die.

We’ve got a lot of content to work on, as well as marketing the project – the world’s first transmedia Video Game – Theatre production! Play the game and your ending affects the story of the theatre production that you can see later this year! It’s a bold and imaginative step forward in an industry that has stagnated lately, primarily with AAA video game companies saturating the video game market with first-person shooters.

I invite you to head over to Heroic Games’ website and check them out! In the meantime, if you’re going to be at PAX South and see me, come over and say Hi!

Love and Romance – A Review of Stereotypes and Function

Right?…Anyone?…hmm, tough crowd…

Typically a huge part of most RPGs and Theatre centers on the idea of Love.  It can take many forms – be it metaphor, a tool for change, to give meaning…it goes on and on. It can be simple, it can be complex, it can be beautiful, it can be tragic…it can even be ugly as all hell.

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Remembering H.R. Giger and Alien – Explaining the Xenomorph in 5 Steps


When people pass away in the entertainment industry, there is usually an outpouring of support and prayers for the unfortunate soul who has moved on to the other side. Now I feel bad for anyone who passes away in the entertainment industry, especially those who had a little something to do with my personal entertainment while growing up. Bob Hoskins is the latest example of such a person, who here old enough to remember will ever forget Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Eddie Valiant will always live on as the one person who got to party with the Looney Tune-type cartoons that I worshipped as a child.

I felt bad that Bob passed, but I rarely feel a shock when someone in the industry passes away like I did when I learned H.R. Giger left us on Tuesday, May 12th.

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