Heroic Games + Heroes Must Die – The World’s First Video Game/Theatre Transmedia Project!

Founded in 2014, Heroic Games was created to organize and oversee the production of Heroes Must Die, a transmedia project combining video games and theatre. The founder, Rick Stemm, is a professional game designer, playwright, and instructional designer with a specialization in educational games and interactive media. Heroic Games will continue to produce multimedia for entertainment and education.

Heroes Must Die is Heroic Games’ first video game/theatre transmedia project, and receiver of a 2015 Grant from the Department of Cultural and Creative Development from the city of San Antonio, for its unique mission in combining arts. Set in a fictional world of RPG and JRPG clichés, tropes and characters, part one is the RPG-style video game – as the main character Storm, you take control of his multi-ending adventure being designed on the Unity game engine. Part Two is an actual theatre production – with actors, fight choreography, all on stage in front of an audience. The story is set shortly after the events of the game where the audience will watch Storm tackle new challenges in a whole new medium.

The catch – the ending of the game chosen – as voted on by the audience – will influence the iteration of the play they will see! In addition, the audience will be given many opportunities to interact with the stage actors, being given power to influence the play as the story progresses!

Play the game, see the play – enjoy a story-driven entertainment project that is the first of its kind!

Learn more about Heroes Must Die at http://www.hmd-game.com


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