“War” – 1st Lieutenant of Lord Murder

Heroes Must Die - War

War – 1st Lieutenant of Lord Murder

1st Lieutenant of Lord Murder

Military Commander of Legion

Gender: Female

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Favorite color: Probably Black

Favorite Sword Size: Large

# Broken bones given to suitors: 47

Confirmed Kills: More than you

Who Is War?

War is the title given to the Minister of Defense in Lord Murder’s army, Legion, and the leader of all his armies in The Empire.  She walks with unnatural grace for a woman who stands almost nine feet tall in her aberrant full plate armor, her steely gaze commanding obedience and her low, purring voice demanding submission from both soldiers and suitors.

War has taken great pains to erase all knowledge of who she was in her past life, her name, her history, even her family, in order to become the truest embodiment of the title. Currently, nobody within Legion questions War and sees her much like the gods of old, a form of avatar that is the embodiment of battle – to do otherwise means certain death from she who is known as “Murder’s Reaper”.

Whispered Secrets of the Past

While War has taken great pains to eliminate official records of her past, there is still a legend that is whispered unofficially among the older soldiers of The Empire. As this story goes, she was once a soldier in one of the old provinces, defending its people from a rising rebellion growing within its borders. When her family was compromised by the rebellion and taken hostage, her superiors refused to act upon the kidnappers’ demands and forbade her to act on her own volition. In time, her family was found dead, and supporters hailed the kidnappers as “Heroes of the Rebellion”.

Concept art - War: Heroes Must Die

Early concept art of War in battle gear

It’s said this began War’s deep seeded hatred of people who act outside of the law to take matters into their own hands, despite military might being able to defend a province’s people. Heroes to one were just terrorists to another, and all terrorists should be eliminated for the good of the people.

When Lord Murder’s Legion came to attack and assimilate her province into his Empire, she saw her chance to start over. No longer having any love for her king or kingdom, she defected to Legion and reported all soldier placements, tactics, everything she knew about their defenses. Impressed with her initiative, Lord Murder put her in charge of his men to personally lead the attack on the castle, taking great pride in killing her former king.  Lord Murder saw the potential in such a cool, brutal killing machine, and offered her the position as his lieutenant, to become empowered by a long forgotten ritual that hadn’t been seen since the Doomsday War, and lead his troops to unite the provinces in one huge kingdom – The Empire – for a safe and distinct society.

Current Affairs

After taking part in Lord Murder’s ritual, she awakened to find she had grown in height to almost nine feet tall, and was gifted with enhanced strength, speed and agility.  At this moment, War officially cast off her mortal shackles forever by proclaiming to be the very embodiment of Battle itself.  With the power she possessed and the approval of Lord Murder, none dared to doubt or oppose her.

War is cold, calculated and ruthless, especially in combat (and in most of her relationships), having yet to taste defeat while fighting as Legion’s commander.  She typically appears to her soldiers in black full plate armor, and wields a giant two-handed claymore that is unofficially named “The Reaper’s Blade” by her soldiers. Her uncanny strength lets her wield the massive sword in one or two hands effortlessly.

After running roughshod over the old provinces and uniting them under Lord Murder’s banner, she now sees the day-to-day activities of Legion’s battalions. It is widely believed that she is soon to plan a mass offensive against the only provinces that remain from the old times, two islands off the coast that share an uneasy truce with The Empire.  If she is successful, then the whole known continent would be under Lord Murder’s unquestioned rule.

War in full battle armor

One bad mother…

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